Why Donald Trump on Twitter is Great for America!

The REAL reason the Media wants Trump off Twitter

The real reason the media and politicians, want Donald Trump off Twitter is to cover his pure honesty. The truth scares Washington politicians.

There is something very beautifully natural about sending a Twit, it can say so much, in just a short number of words. The President-Elect is known for being very open with his beliefs, this does not set well with those who are used to playing the Washington game. The real reason politicians and the media, want Donald Trump off Twitter is because they are afraid of the truth.

Republicans and Democrats BOTH want Trump off Twitter! This is a sign Trump must stay ON Twitter!

Donald Trump had no Republican support, it is very important that people remember this fact. It was only after a public outcry against Republicans this summer, did those who oppose Donald come aboard.  

Republican Newt Gingrich has called Trump, Pathetic, undisciplined and last week demand that he leave Twitter. More on that next time.

In this video, Gingrich tells Trump “Not to be himself”, better to  “Act” like a President” He tells Trump to create a false image”. What a disrespectful video!

See Video here

Therefore, the Media, Republicans and Democrats ALL want Donald Trump off Twitter, he is too REAL.

They want an actor, not the truth. Donald Trump is probably the most honest President since John F Kennedy.  I truly believe this. He must be careful!

Donald Trump must be careful of the Republicans, Democrats and the media. There is a concerted effort to ruin is Presidency.  The don’t want the real man, they want an actor. Like Newt Gingrich.

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